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Maileg Sizing Guide

Maileg sizing can be a bit tricky at times so I’ve pulled together a "Maileg Sizing Guide" to help. I also have lots of sizing images on my Pinterest page here, or on the top button of my Instagram page labelled "Maileg Sizing"  here.

I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have: the best place to message me is via Instagram, or you can email me at 

Meet the Maileg Mouse family!  They include Mum and Dad Mouse, Big Brother/Sister, Little Brother/Sister and Baby Mouse (twins or triplets).  The Grandparent Mice are the same size as Mum and Dad Mouse.

All clothes for the family will be labelled for the family member, but Mum and Dad clothes also fit the Grandparent Mice too. If you are not sure which size mouse you have, you can use the size guide above to help.

Mum and Dad fit "micro” sized furniture, as do the Big Brother/Sister Mice. For example, the micro bed or a micro chair will work well for them.  The Baby Mice fit all the MY size furniture - for example, the MY babysitter or the MY cradle. Little Sister/Brother also tend to do well with the micro-sized furniture.

The larger mice have their own page here at the Burrow, with their clothes clearly labelled.  They are separate from the main mouse family and their clothes and accessories because they do not mix.

The Teddy family now has four members - the recent addition is Baby Teddy.

The family all have clothing on the Maileg Teddy family page here; they are labelled for each teddy size.  Mum Teddy does also fit into a majority of size 2 rabbit/bunny clothes and Junior Teddy fits into a majority of size 1 rabbit/bunny clothes, too. 

Baby Teddy fits Big Brother/Sister Mouse clothes.  He also fits most micro-sized furniture, such as the pram, cradle, carrycot, highchair, baby sitter etc.

The Bunny family have floppy ears, making it easier for them to wear hats and bonnets.  All of their clothes will be on their size page.

The Micro Bunny/Rabbit fit all micro-labelled furniture, as well as fitting Big Brother/Sister Mouse clothing, too.

The Rabbit family have ears that stand up tall, which means they can’t wear hats and bonnets. All of their clothes will be on their size page.

The Micro Bunny/Rabbit fit all micro-labelled furniture, as well as fitting Big Brother/Sister Mouse clothing.  

Please note: Maileg mice and bunnies are handmade, therefore the sizing can sometimes slightly vary.

Old Vs New Bunny


Please note, Maileg mice and bunnies are handmade, therefore the sizing can sometimes slightly vary 


Maileg Baby Mice (including twins/triplets) and the MY-sized rabbits are ideal for the MY-sized furniture range, such as the MY high chair.

The micro-sized rabbits/bunnies and the Little/Big Brother and Sister mice generally go well with the micro-sized home range such as cots and strollers. 

Where to start?

I get a lot of questions asking: “Where do I start? What should I get first to start my Maileg collection?” It’s a tricky question to answer, but generally I suggest getting your first Maileg toy (a mouse, rabbit or teddy) and either some clothes to change them into or some food, so play can start straight away! The Matchbox Mice can always sleep in their matchboxes. We also offer a range of Starter Sets to help. 

Tip! If you want clothes for your mouse, Big Sister/Brother Mice tend to have more clothes available than Little Sister/Brother Mice. The Micro Bunny/Rabbit and Baby Teddy also fit all the Big Brother/Sister clothes, too, so they can share giving you lots of options!

Take a look at our FAQs page for more information on our products.. 

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